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Central apartment unit with energy consumption data collection

The central apartment unit serves as an operator and display unit for an apartment.
It manages individual room control (heating/cooling) of up to 12 rooms, comfort ventilation, precontrol and DHW control, control of air conditioning equipment, and acquires the consumption data of heat, water, electricity and gas. Additional functions include the control of lights and blinds. Door and window contacts plus smoke detectors and water monitors can be integrated for monitoring purposes.

  • Management of heating and cooling control for one apartment

  • Suited for heating and cooling plants with central distribution (e.g. underfloor heating) and radiators with decentral connections

  • Selection of operating mode, timer and holidays / special day function for the apartment

  • Independent time switches and operating modes for 12 rooms

  • Flow temperature control of 2 independent room groups including limitation (min. / max.) and maintained return temperature (high / low)

  • Increase of economy room temperature setpoint and minimum flow temperature setpoint depending on the composite outside temperature

  • Collection of heat / cooling requests from the individual rooms and forwarding the requests to the heat/cooling sources via wired bus, heat/cooling demand relay or DC 0...10 V output to the RRV912 or RRV934

  • Absence function (heating, cooling, ventilation, lights) with simulation of presence (lights)

  • DHW heating with time switch and selection of operating mode

  • Management of 3-stage ventilation plant via RRV934 multicontroller, incl. night cooling

  • Control of air conditioners (split units) via universal outputs (locally and RRV91x) or via S-Mode (KNX TP1)

  • Operation of lights and blinds via 4 softkeys, time switch and events

  • Monitoring door contacts, window contacts and smoke detectors

  • Display of meteorological data

  • Presentation of key data on info pages

  • Wireless communication with the devices of GAMMA wave and Hager tebis TX product ranges

  • Remote access via Siemens web server OZW772.xx

  • Intuitive and simple control with Android or IOS App

  • Collection of meter data (heat / cool, electricity, water, gas) to support automated meter reading & billing

Рабочее напряжениеAC 230 V
Частота50 Гц
Потребляемая мощность7 ВА
Колич. дискретных выходов1
Дискретный выход, ток коммутируемой цепиAC 0.02...2 (2) A
Класс защитыIP20D
Размеры (Ш х В х Г)230 x 130 x 29.7 мм
Диапазон измерения температуры0...120 °C
КоммуникацияKNX RF-compatible, 868.3 MHz bidirectional (RF) and KNX TP1 (wired bus)
Универсальный вход, сигнальныйДискретный 0/1 , LG-Ni1000
Колич. универсальных входов1
МонтажWith screws
ДисплейFull graphic backlit display
Диапазон беспроводной связи в помещении30 м

Артикул Заказной № Наименование Цена
QAX913-9S55621-H126Центральный квартирный модуль, поддерживающий систему сбора данных о потреблении, без инструкций в комплекте поставки669,45

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